11 - 13 Oct 2023


China Trade Week catalyzes stronger Sino-African trade relations

ACCRA, June 23 (Xinhua) -- The aim of the Annual China Trade Week (CTW) exhibitions across Africa is to catalyze closer Sino-African trade and industrial relations, said Wang Hailin, chairman and founder of the MIE Group, organizers of the events.

The platform will ease the burden in the interaction between African businesses and their Chinese counterparts while enhancing their partnerships, Wang told Xinhua on the sides of the just ended CTW 2019 Ghana event.

"We started this as a concept in 2015 in line with the Chinese government's proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is to help bring Chinese businesses closer to the private sector in BRI countries," he explained.

The third CTW in Ghana ended this week and was supported by Ghana's Ministry of Business Development, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(GNGCI) as well as the Chinese Embassy in Ghana.

"Both the Chinese businesses and Africans used to go through brokers to interact with each other. They lose a lot of profit through that, with less quality control," he said.via